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From the ground up

Whether you’re in charge of an athletic field or your family’s back yard, Professional Outdoor Solutions has the tools to improve your turf.

Our “from the ground up” method is what makes our approach to athletic and commercial turf care different. We focus on more than just aesthetics — we build strong foundations that protect the health and safety of athletes, family members and pets.

We call it a “feed the soil” philosophy, as opposed to a “feed the grass” philosophy. We know from more than 40 years of experience that strong root systems produce healthy grass, and coincidentally, healthy turf is aesthetically pleasing.

Our team at Professional Outdoor Solutions consists of Allen Wall and Ben Rink. We do work throughout Illinois and Indiana. Including, Champaign, Urbana, Rantoul, Decatour

How we got started

Our academic training in turf, plant and soil science laid the foundation for successful careers as golf course superintendents. In 2012, we worked together to renovate a softball field in the community of Sadorus, Illinois.

With this opportunity, we applied our shared belief in the importance of foundational work to the sports turf industry. And we discovered from this experience there was a real need to help athletic field managers improve their facilities.

We formed Professional Outdoor Solutions to do just that. We began maintaining the field in Sadorus, and then were hired to care for the athletic fields at Unity High School in Tolono.

Over the next several years, our company has grown slowly as we formed relationships with other sports turf managers, schools, businesses and homeowners. Today, our services are more diversified, but we continue to focus on providing personal attention to detail, regardless how large or small the project.

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Athletic and Commercial Turf Specialists

From the ground up, Professional Outdoor Solutions provides customized athletic field and turf management services. We specialize in establishing, renovating and maintaining athletic fields to support peak performance, and apply that same expert approach to lawn care for businesses, homeowners associations, churches, parks and private residences.

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